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your Members' folk news [200 words per news item, more if advertising]

and multiple Directory listings,

published quarterly - do join us, Membership is only 18 a year !

(equivalent to only 4.50 per issue, or 1.50 a month!)

Contact us / join Folklife ~ details on "About FQ webpage"

FQ has 3 sections: [1] Members' news; [2] FT ~ Folklife Traditions; [3] Listings


FQ is a print magazine, also copied online ...

[1] Members' news (links below); [2] FT pages (archive); [3] Listings (Directory) *

* FQ listings are directory-style, not an events-diary, other than member-festivals & workshops

Online is updated as time permits - say up to a fortnight after the print version has been distributed


We also provide, free, online,

Folklife members' online Directory (FQ includes a print summary of this - Listings

an archive of articles from the Folklife Traditions pages in FQ

Worcestershire Folklife, Herefds-Worcs directory Bywyd Gwerin, Welsh Traditions


  • Spam policy: we block emails if we are added without asking to mailing lists.
  • Our send-out policy: Folklife email list = Members & to past advertisers. Others we write to individually.
  • CD policy: see below
  • What we do: produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine, this is always our priority,
    • ~ so: no email forwarding service! no paper leaflet distribution! not on social networks!

See our FQ Info Page for ad rates & sizes, membership benefits, reselling





[1] in FQ



from our Folklife Members.


Wales. and

individual counties in west/central England (Cornwall to Warwickshire).

[1] online


Links, on right, to individual news pages




the FQ page

for more info

[1] online MEMBERS' NEWS PAGES for


England West Country

for England West Midlands

and national, and nearby





[2] in FQ

researched ARTICLES & songs, folklife studies & societies news, Seasonal Celebrations: Doc Row's list + photos

[2] online

Folklife Traditions pages ~ Archive of all FT issues, includes listing published articles

appears online as free e-magazines from the Issuu e-mags website - hence their adverts

[2] 'FOLKLIFE TRADITIONS' this issue include:

Article:The British Salamanders’ by Roy & Lesley Adkins; Report: Dartmoor Broom & Step Dance Championships; Song & notes: Beautiful Nancy (Jimmy and Nancy)’, sung by Mrs P Wiggett, contrib. Gwilym Davies





[3] in FQ:

full Member-FESTIVAL DIARY for next 12 months

full Member-WORKSHOP DIARIES; for next 3+ months


1-line summaries Members' Directory detailed listings


full UPDATES this quarter

[3] online

Members' full Directory listings, incl Festival &

Workshop Diaries &

UPDATES this quarter

(mobile-friendly site)

The online Directory is very detailed - the basis for simple 1-line summaries in FQ.

Festivals & Workshops Diaries are however given in full in FQ.


A reference copy of the Folklife Quarterly print magazine is supplied to these Central Libraries.

Wales: Cardiff, Newport; also Aberystwyth (National Library of Wales, copyright copy)

England, South-West: Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Swindon • England, West Midlands: Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull, Worcester




FWOn: Folk What's On

simply the ads from FQ.

sent free to libraries, TICs, concert venues; in areas from which we have regular adverts

"About FWOn" on this site has more details


Our other websites ~ two online Directories

Worcestershire Folklife.

Online only. Mobile-friendly site wf1a


A Herefordshire & Worcestershire Directory (not: dates)

You can subscribe to email Directory updates (no dates).

Plus links to local websites-listing-dates.



Bywyd Gwerin: Cyfeiriadur /// Welsh Folklife Traditions: Directory


Bilingual. Online only


Now converted to a mobile-friendly format.

Welsh-language folklife traditions in a Directory format.

Also includes Notes & Articles.


And also hosted on this site: The Homend Poets, Ledbury


Run by a bunch of amateurs!

A non-profit volunteer group

promoting all aspects of folklife.

Minehead Hobby Horse


The Folklife ident

by Chris Stewart

Originally, the magazines were published (& subsidised) by the Somers Traditional Folk Club, Worcester (which meets every Friday, for 33 years!) but Folklife is now a separate organisation published (& subsidised) by the Editors. To email STFC: please see STFC website for STFC email


  • Please do not send Folk CDs to the Editors, we do not arrange for Folk CD reviews.
    • ~ Folklife Members ~ please do send publicity about your CDs, up to 200 words [more if ad]
    • ~ Folklife Members are welcome to send in a review (up to 200 words per review)
    • ~ Some magazines (Folklife-members) regularly include reviews:

WHAT WE DO ONLINE .............................  LIMITATIONS OF THIS WEBSITE ...

What we do is produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine;

anything online is a bonus.


Online is intended for desktop computers and larger screens


We are a non-profit group of volunteers/amateurs who produce a print magazine.

I paste copies of most print pages online, so that you can read some.

  • Note the "I" here, not "we" - FQ print magazine is a team effort; but website is just me (Sam) to copy it online, so limited time

Do dip in to an online page, - or 2 - 3 .... whilst most of our 48-52 A4 pages are online, to read it all, a printed copy is far easier!

  • website is later than print. Once the print magazine has been distributed, I start copying it online, then I copy Folk What's On, and then update the Directory - this takes up to a fortnight after 1 Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct.


Critical suggestions for improving these webpages are positively welcome

  • Ideally .... we would like a more technically-minded / design-minded volunteer to take over this website
  • ... that's not very likely! … but critical suggestions for improving these pages are positively welcome
  • … but please bear in mind that I am an unpaid non-technical volunteer with limited time and money!
    • so eg busy, producing/distributing/invoicing FQ - so no time for blogs etc
    • we have a web-based Directory in mobile-friendly format on a separate webpage
    • we put our print pages online on this site - these pages are A4 size, so won't be suitable for mobiles etc

What we do is produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine,

in which you can advertise, and/or you can join us as a Member and then send in your Members' news & listings.

Members can publicise their recordings and reviews. No reviews except from Members, plus (very occasionally) the editors review books.


So … what we do is produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine! ............................ cheers, Sam.

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