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FQ is a paid-for print magazine, with 52 A4-size pages


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your Members' folk news & listings, published quarterly - do join us, Membership is only 15 a year !

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FQ is a print magazine, also copied online ...

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  • Spam policy / other mailing lists: non-Members, please do not add us without asking to mailing lists for festivals & concerts, or we will need to block your emails; phone us to unblock.
  • We are not on social media and do not forward emails.
  • Your CDs: Members are welcome to send in publicity; we don't review folk CDs.

FQ: Folklife Quarterly.

FQ has 3 sections

... as printed

... online

Also copied online




Folklife members' news


individual news pages Wales, and for

individual counties in west/central England (Cornwall to Warwickshire)

On this website.

Go to About FQ

for links to individual news pages for individual English counties, and for Wales


Additionally, we also produce


an online facsimile of the latest FQ (A4 size)


"Folklife Quarterly ~ facsimile of the latest print issue"



'Folklife Traditions'


researched articles & songs, folklife studies & folklife societies news, Seasonal Celebrations: Doc Row's list + photos

Folklife Traditions pages ~ includes current FT pages, and Archive of articles (with a full index)




Folklife members' listings


full Member-Festival & Member-Workshop Diaries; summaries of Members' Directory listings + full Updates this quarter

Members' full Directory listings, including

Festival Diary &

Workshop Diary &

Updates this quarter

(a mobile-friendly site)



FWOn: Folk What's On


... as printed

... more details

Also copied online




simply the ads from FQ.

sent free to libraries, TICs, concert venues; only in areas from which we have regular adverts

"About FWOn" on this site has more details


online facsimile


Please do not send CDs for reviews! Our member-performers can send in their own CD publicity/news (instead of reviews).

We provide free online copies of FQ and FWOn.

We also provide, free, online,

Folklife members' online Directory (FQ includes a print summary of this - Listings) •

an archive of articles from the Folklife Traditions pages in FQ

Worcestershire Folklife, a directory of all known Herefordshire & Worcestershire venues

Bywyd Gwerin, a bilingual Welsh Traditions Directory


What we do: produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine, this is always our priority, so: no email forwarding services!

no paper leaflet distribution! not on social networks! ... but we would welcome a volunteer taking on such responsibility

Online is updated as time permits - say a fortnight after the print version has been distributed - currently:

[1] Members' news (links on About FQ): Oct 2016; [2] FT pages (archive): Oct 2016; [3] Listings (Directory): Oct 2016

Our other websites ~ two online Directories

Worcestershire Folklife.

Online only. Mobile-friendly site wf1a


A Directory of all known & confirmed Worcs & Herfds venues (not dates); you can subscribe to email updates about venues (not dates). Plus links to local-dates websites, and a list of local festivals



Bywyd Gwerin: Cyfeiriadur /// Welsh Folklife Traditions: Directory


Bilingual. Online only


Now converted to a mobile-friendly format.

Welsh-language folklife traditions in a Directory format.

Also includes Notes & Articles.

And also hosted on this site: The Homend Poets, Ledbury


Run by a bunch of amateurs!

A non-profit volunteer group

promoting all aspects of folklife.

Minehead Hobby Horse


The Folklife ident

by Chris Stewart

Originally, the magazines were published (& subsidised) by the Somers Traditional Folk Club, Worcester (which meets every Friday, for 33 years!) but Folklife is now a separate organisation published (& subsidised) by the Editors. To email STFC: please see STFC website for STFC email

WHAT WE DO ONLINE .............................  LIMITATIONS OF THIS WEBSITE ...

What we do is produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine;

anything online is a bonus.


Online is intended for desktop computers and larger screens


We are a non-profit group of volunteers/amateurs who produce a print magazine.

I paste copies of most print pages online, so that you can read some.

  • Note the "I" here, not "we" - FQ print magazine is a team effort; but website is just me (Sam) to copy it online, so limited time

Do dip in to an online page, - or 2 - 3 .... whilst most of our 48 A4 pages are online, to read it all, a printed copy is far easier!

  • website is later than print. Once the print magazine has been distributed, I start copying it online, then I copy Folk What's On, and then update the Directory - this takes up to a fortnight after 1 Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct.


Critical suggestions for improving these webpages are positively welcome

  • Ideally .... we would like a more technically-minded / design-minded volunteer to take over this website
  • ... that's not very likely! … but critical suggestions for improving these pages are positively welcome
  • … but please bear in mind that I am an unpaid non-technical volunteer with limited time and money!
    • so eg busy, producing/distributing/invoicing FQ - so no time for blogs etc
    • we have a web-based Directory in mobile-friendly format on a separate webpage
    • we put our print pages online on this site and on issuu - these pages are A4 size, so won't be suitable for mobiles etc

What we do is produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine,

in which you can advertise, and/or you can join us as a Member and then send in your Members' news & listings.

Members can publicise their recordings and reviews. No reviews except from Members, plus (very occasionally) the editors review books.


So … what we do is produce and distribute a PRINTED folk magazine! ............................ cheers, Sam.

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