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Contributions: sending in articles

from researchers, folklife societies & institutions

'societies' & 'institutions' such as are listed in our Directory Directory1

This webpage is www.folklife.org.uk/contrib.html


Up to A4 page * to about a collected song or tune, or to introduce society, institution, etc.

Thereafter, short news items/dates from society, institutions welcome; longer items, please consult editor.


Photo(s) welcome, can be sent in colour,

may be also used in colour on cover if we have room (depends on adverts)


* A4 page - up to 1000 words welcome; example below is 792 words, as you see we have expanded to full A4 by using a photo.

But you don't have to provide a full page - entirely up to you. ••   FQ's deadlines - see top of page

Subject to space; eg April issue may need to be restricted - consult us first

Our readers



Using 'Word' Footnotes and Endnotes

I can't do this - I have an old "Word for Mac 2011", but thanks to Lesley Adkins for this about Windows version:



In a Word file

(unless you’ve converted to Windows 10),

on the taskbar, click on Footnotes

Then click ‘Convert’, and it looks like this - choose "Convert all footnotes to endnotes"  

Example article (this is 792 words + photo)