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Folklife Quarterly,

48 A4 pages of

news, listings & a few ads,

has 3 sections

(1) Folk News from our Members

Clubs & Venues, Performers, Services, Festival & Workshop Diary

(2) FT -- Folklife Traditions pages, as below

(3) Listings including FT Listings


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FQ includes these FOLKLIFE TRADITIONS pages, and we have a large online ARCHIVE

● Articles ● Song, tune, & notes ● Talks & Conferences ● Folklife listings ● Publications announced

● Folklife Institutions: intro., notes, articles, news ● Seasonal Celebrations: list with photos by Doc Rowe, and other contributions

Below: Archive of all issues, plus index.

Links to individual FTs from this "FT" page [which is www.folklife.org.uk/ft.html ]

All online FT facsimiles (A4) are on our FT e-magazine website, https://issuu.com/traditions-uk

See also (on this Folklife website) about FT contributions

Read about FT ~ immediately below




from Folklife, publishers, a non-profit volunteer group:

FQ is a paid-for print magazine.

Most of FQ is time-limited, so we don't upload past issues of FQ.

However the FT pages do contain researched articles, etc, so we have set up an online archive of all FT pages


In memory of ROY PALMER,

a generous contributer for over 30 years,

from the days of FT’s predecessor, the Somers’ Broadsheet, Aug 1983, to FT 2014.

Folklife Societies; Folklife Studies & Institutions; Seasonal Local Celebrations.

Researched Articles, Songs, Tunes; News; Diary; Publications.

Our aims include stimulating a wider interest in folk studies & folk culture: we seek to raise awareness about, and to promote,

folklife studies and relevant Societies, Institutions, Publishers, Researchers & Authors.

  • We do this by publishing FT within our printed Folklife Quarterly (which goes to folk clubs, session, & individuals)

OPEN TO ALL, contributions welcome. FT is quarterly.

  • Researched articles for interested readers (but note we're not a peer-reviewed journal)
  • We welcome Folklife Societies information [word limits apply]
  • Songs & tunes collected
  • Seasonal Local Celebrations for next quarter; based on Doc Rowe's listings, additions welcome
  • Updates for our Directory - more details & new listings.
  • Conferences & Talks
  • Appropriate Print Publications announced (incl. books that include CDs)
  • Appropriate CDs announced (eg traditional singers)


Your researched articles: please contact us before submitting researched articles. Word limits:

  • Shorter articles/news, up to 600 words [1/2 A4 page], any issue.
  • Longer articles by arrangement; space may be very limited in April issues
  • We offer FREE MEMBERSHIP to regular contributors of Folklife articles


Contributing articles from Folklife Societies & Institutions:

FT: next issue and Deadline, see page heading

FT reviews

CD reviews only directly from our Members. We do not review unsolicited CDs sent to us.

We review appropriate books.

Contact us 1st before submitting, well before deadline, and before posting anything larger than 'Large Letter' size.


Following in FQ's other pages, not FT, from Members only (or as adverts)

• Short Courses & Workshops

Diary + news pages.

• Other folk news: 'Folk' CDs

announced, concerts, tours, sessions, clubs, festivals; instrument shops.

We are a non profit group of volunteers.

If you wish to support us, you can do so by Membership / donations, or by advertising


for more information, including

contact details, membership,

multiple copies, reselling,


Onscreen & as downloadable PDF


just 18 per year UK

  • Back issues, special rate to add when joining Folklife - if out of print, we will reprint at same cost
  • each Journal 1-9 add 1.50. • FT only as part of FQ: add 3
  • Contact us before sending money if you want back issues
  • EU = UK x 1.75. USA = UK x 2 . You must be on email. Sterling only.

Notes for first-time users of this page

Folklife Quarterly (inc FT pages): a paid-for print magazine

Other than adverts & FT pages, we only publicise our Members. Join us! only 18 a year!

Copied, as online e-magazines - just click on the pictures.

E-magazines: for desktops, laptops, and large tablets. Not intended for small tablets and phones. Read-only versions.

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We are non-profit (i.e. loss-making) volunteers, so online e-magazines provided as a free service, so long as they are free to us.

  • Therefore, any e-magazines are subject to limitations of free provider [currently "issuu.com"], eg their adverts


  • "Folklife listings: 1-line summaries" and "Updates"; from Folklife's Directory, print & online.
    • The 1st-line of the detailed entry is also the summary. This is printed in Folklife Quarterly / Folklife Traditions pages.
  • Comprehensive Directory sections online
  • category + name + full contact details + up to 40 words description.
  • Before printing, updates may also appear in our Members' Directory Updates
    • Updates are welcome; published in next FT, then copied to online Directory

see our Directory page


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