Folklife prints FQ ( Folklife Quarterly )

and also Folk What's On ( FWOn ) which is simply FQ's adverts (FWOn is sent free to TICs, libraries, concert venues)

We are essentially a print magazine; we provide some online material (for desktops, laptops, & large tablets)

So we provide free online pages from FQ and FWOn.

We also provide, free, online, Folklife's Directory; Folklife Traditions articles archive;

Hfds+Worcs venues; Bywyd Gwerin (Welsh Traditions)


"About FQ":

the Folklife Quarterly page

FOLKLIFE QUARTERLY is a PRINT magazine, with folk news and folk listings, mainly from England West Country & West Midlands, and from Wales. We also have articles, mostly from England and from Wales. And we have some adverts, but not too many.

We don't do CD reviews or have big features on performers; instead Member-performers send in their gig lists & other publicity, & publicise their own CDs.

We're delighted that our Members share our enthusiasm for DIY folk; so what we do is not very commercial, so FQ is subsidised by the editors...

We also do this website and have various bits online, but are not really that expert in such matters ... we'd rather sing than blog ...

FQ, quarterly print magazine, 48-52 A4 pages


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Individual local webpages on this site


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FQ Diaries copied to our Directory as below:

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Directory Updates for this quarter

FT pages

Folklife Traditions pages ~ current issue, plus an online Archive of past articles. and an index for the online Archives

FT Contributions



Folklife Quarterly: a paid-for print magazine

your folk news & listings, published quarterly

48-52 printed pages, contains Folklife Traditions News & Articles, a few adverts [max: 1/4 of FQ]

from our Members:News, 100s of Listings, Directory updates, Festival Diary, Workshop Diary

DEADLINES ~ JAN, 20 Nov ~~ APR, 20 Feb ~~ JUL, 20 May ~~ OCT, 20 Aug ~

Interested in all aspects

of Folklife? We are.

online news pages on this site

••• Directory ••• Folklife Cymru/Wales site

••• archive of articles (from FQ's Folklife Traditions pages)



Minehead Hobby Horse JKSimmons

Folklife ident by Chris Stewart

"... articles & small pieces on folklore and traditions, FQ carries listings of folk dance and song venues, artists & bands, reports, and comments on performances, notices about seasonal customs and rituals – in fact, anything connected with folk tradition in the widest sense.

If you are interested in folk song or folklore in any of the areas covered, this is an essential magazine that is

extremely good value for money."

- Roy & Lesley Adkins, on

(authors of Jack Tar and Jane Austen's England)


"A 'bible' for folk info" - Al Cruise, Bideford Folk Club

"A must-read magazine for all ... folk fans" Cornwall Folk Festival

"Congratulations! An amazing magazine!" Chris, Folknews Kernow

Run by a bunch of amateurs!

A non-profit volunteer group

promoting all aspects of folklife.

links = images with dotted

Our folk news is from our Members only, and fills our pages

Other than adverts, we only publicise our Members who help pay for FQ

(so no non-Member news, listings, CDs, reviews, other than paid adverts)


Members send in news, listings, info about their CDs, festival diary, workshop diary, articles

So, this is a well-loved magazine intended to be read in print

It's not an online diary of what's on; but some info is online, below

Contact Us / Join Us


Folklife Membership


posted magazines and your publicity

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Your publicity


Adverts (open to all) ... News (Members only)

Directory listings (Members)


printed …… online lasts for3months! x 4 times a year!

  • Folklife, 16 Barrett Rise, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2UJ.
  • Phone: 01684 561378.
  • Skype available - please email first

If you prefer to use a form to contact us or to join us:




the above link is to our contact form

on our Folklife-Directory website

... 85% of our Members

are listed in our Directories!

They include ... club/venue/festival organisers, performers, researchers, media, services ... we welcome all enthusiasts!


  • LISTINGS, free
  • NEWS from Members only [word limits]
  • all that publicity, in print & online for 3 whole months
  • posted copies

If joining Folklife....

please let us know which issue you want to start: Jan, Apr, Jul, or Oct ?

OUR MEMBERSHIP COST only 18 a year for 1 copy per issue posted.

Just email your name, address, tel, via CONTACT FORM, or simply email mailto1a1

no email? please PRINT contact details when writing

BACS: Folklife, sort code 09-01-55, account 18675181; or just send a cheque to 'Folklife', address above.

No credit cards, paypal, etc.

  • Discounts for multiple copies, 6 or more 1/2 price, for discounts see INFO PAGE




  • 1st Jan
  • 1st Aprl
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folk news &

folk traditions



printed, +

online copy



England (West Country, West Midlands, and beyond), Wales

FQ is only 2.50 at Clubs/Sessions, or posted free to Members

FQ is 18 a year UK posted including Membership



 Members' Folk News




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18 for 1 copy per issue posted.

Discounts for 6 or more copies: less than 1/2 price (1.10 for resale @ 2.50!)

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The Folklife Team: our Correspondents




Folklife, publishers of Folklife Quarterly -- printed, and facsimile copied online

48/52 A4 printed pages, always containing Folklife Traditions News & Articles; and, from our Members,

News 100s of Directory Listings; Directory Updates Festival Diary Workshop Diary details on homepage



Publication dates, deadlines ✪✪ JAN, 20 Nov APR, 20 Feb JUL, 20 May OCT, 20 Aug


your Members' folk news & listings, published quarterly - do join us, Membership is only 18 a year !

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